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Please check this area often for information about quality used cars for sale by S&S Towing and Recovery. If you would like to trade in a car for one of the vehicles on this page, please fill out the form located here.

2006 F250 4x4 rebuilt motor 6.0 auto PTO
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Helping You Make a Smart Choice of Fairbanks Used Cars for Sale

Looking for used cars for sale in the Fairbanks area that will last a long time? Along with the depreciation that naturally occurs in used autos, some unscrupulous sellers fail to disclose important aspects of used cars for sale such as previous damage or overall maintenance problems during used car sales.

As trusted professionals, S&S Towing remains committed to honesty when offering affordable used cars to Fairbanks residents. Whenever possible, we provide buyers with a wealth of background information about our used car sales, helping community members make well-informed purchases.

S&S Towing's History-Busting Tips to Find Used Cars in Fairbanks

Affordable used cars in Fairbanks often flood the market, but how can you find out more about a vehicle's past? S&S Towing and Recovery strives to provide a complete automobile history, but here are a few ways you can do your own research before purchasing a used car:

  • VIN Search: VIN stands for "vehicle identification number" and this detail can pack a lot of information about Fairbanks used cars for sale. For instance you can find out the purchase/selling history of a car or whether or not an insurance claim was filed on the vehicle.
  • Carfax: Largely a fee-based service, Carfax does the legwork for you. The service isn't for everyone, but many consumers feel more secure during the used car sales process by utilizing Carfax. The company also offers four free services as well as a suite of premium utilities.
  • Autocheck: Another service that charges fees for auto history reports, Autocheck offers tools similar to Carfax.
  • General Search: It's also a good idea to learn general information about the make, model and year of used cars for sale in Fairbanks. This can help you identify any problematic patterns associated with specific vehicles.

As always, our staff is available to answer any questions you might have about our North Pole and Fairbanks used cars for sale. Our commitment to your happiness, safety and satisfaction means we only offer affordable used cars in Fairbanks.

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