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These images show our process as well as our success in handling simple or complex towing, recovery and other vehicle management tasks in Alaska's challenging weather and terrain.

Safe Towing and Recovery in Fairbanks and North Pole

More About Off Road Recovery Gear and Towing Services

The experts of S&S Towing have real world experience as a premium Fairbanks towing service. This experience comes from living and working in the Fairbanks, North Pole area, handling our own personal vehicle problems as well as those of our neighbors. We know what it's like to have an accident or a breakdown in sub-zero temperatures and offer a range of off road recovery gear and wheel lift tow trucks to handle the problem safely and quickly.

By keeping our focus on safety, superior off road recovery gear and customer satisfaction, we have become a top towing company in Fairbanks and want to spread the word about our Fairbanks towing service.

What is Off Road Recovery?

Anytime a vehicle is wrecked, stuck or disabled away from the roadway (for instance in a ditch or a snow bank) off road recovery is likely in order. It takes both skilled workers and state-of-the-art off road recovery gear to return a vehicle to the road and S&S Towing has both! Our staff members understand how to assess the scene and determine which towing vehicle (flatbed, wheel lift tow trucks, etc.) will work best.

We also know how to gauge weight requirements, attach vehicles properly and move automobiles in a safe and secure manner. The S&S Towing team is also prepared to answer any questions you may have even if you simply want a more detailed answer to "what is off road recovery"?

Service by a Leading Towing Company of Fairbanks

Off road recovery is just one of the many towing and roadside assistance services we provide at S&S Towing and Recovery. We can haul your junk away or help you relocate small buildings as well as offering a top-of-the-line Fairbanks Towing Service. For more information, call our staff, stop by our location or send us a message.

Alaska Towing Services

Competitive, affordable and reliable towing services Alaska's entire population. We recover vehicles and haul cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and much more.

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Alaska Roadside Services

We can get you back on the road where you belong by helping you overcome roadside vehicle problems such as flat tires as well as engine or mechanical problems.

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Lockouts and More

If you have accidentally locked your keys in the car or are in need of dedicated and careful personnel to remove junk or haul equipment, S&S Towing and Recovery has you covered.

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